This website is about freedom for designers. Freedom from the constraints that are often imposed on today’s professional designers, whatever they are, real or imagined. 

Corporate brand guidelines, overly complicated hierarchical organisational structures, marketing strategies that can sometimes restrict creativity, the general freemarket necessity for increased profits and simply ‘paying the bills’; all can have a part to play in restricting the flow of creative expression througout the modern world.

Often, designers who work in everyday jobs have a nagging desire to ‘be more creative’, and this can be a regular cause of frustration and a desire to ‘break free’. RobotZoo is a place for this creativity to be given it’s freedom, freedom from the confines of whatever cage contains it.

RobotZoo has no wardens or keepers, it is a place for the ‘animals’ to roam free, ‘beyond the cages’, to where ever they wish to go.

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